Would environmentalists reject their grants if they knew it was Russian money?

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Would the environmentalist left in North America even care if they knew they were the real foreign agents of Russian oligarchs?

Would they reject their grants and bursaries to landlock North American energy and cancel pipelines through harassment, lawfare and protests if they knew their cheque was signed by Vladimir Putin?

Or would the ends, as they always seem to, justify the means?

It's the latter.

Forcing families into heat or eat poverty, spiking inflation, job losses and the social and societal fallout that accompanies a bad economy never seem to bother the radical green movement, as long as they are saving Mother Earth. The whole goal of carbon taxes is to make fossil fuels so expensive that people no longer use them, no matter how much they need them.

American investigations have found that Russia has been funding radical North American environmentalists through charity clearing houses in San Francisco. And it makes sense. Blocking an American energy renaissance has provided a reliable market for Russian natural gas in Western Europe.

It's textbook useful idiocy, but I don't think the idiots care that they are Russian pawns.

I wonder how many of those people against North American energy independence have Ukrainian flags in their Twitter bios right now.

Joining me tonight to discuss the green money trail that leads back to Russia, the looming carbon tax hike on April 1 and how the debt problem in Canada (it's bad) can be remedied by unlocking Alberta's resource wealth is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science.

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