Far-left green movement, mainstream media celebrate coronavirus pandemic

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There's nothing like a deadly disease spreading across the entire world to really bring us back to focusing on the important things: Family, friends, self-reliance, preparedness, and good hygiene.

That is if you're a normal person with a normal set of priorities.

It’s not so for the far left green movement and their fake news enablers.

Mainstream media articles are extolling the virtues of global pandemics to reduce CO2. CNN ran a bizarre headline that read, “There is an unlikely beneficiary of the Coronavirus: The Planet.”

Not to be outdone, CBC has a series of articles on their website about the positive side effects of the Wuhan Coronavirus:

“Coronavirus Work-From-Home Policies Give Climate Plans Boost" and "COVID-19 pandemic response temporarily combating CO2 emissions, but systemic change needed, experts urge.”

It’s anti-human and gross.

Joining me tonight in an interview we recorded yesterday afternoon is Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition to discuss how the green movement views the extreme measures taken as part of the international COVID-19 response as a template for the fight against climate change.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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