Vaccine injuries and vaccine patents with Tamara Ugolini

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The work that we do at Rebel News requires us to follow the facts wherever they lead us then and report those findings to the public even though they may not be the news you wanted to hear.

Someone who has been leading the charge to cut through the misinformation on all sides is Rebel News resident vaccine fact nerd, Tamara Ugolini.

I call Tamara a nerd affectionately. She has a real passion for science and is not afraid to call in an expert or two when she needs help digesting complex facts to communicate them to the masses. Tamara uses her healthy helping of skepticism to separate fact from fiction, sometimes uncovering some undisclosed conflicts from members of the Ontario Science Table and sometimes rescuing people from internet rumours about Trudeau owning vaccine patents that are truthy; as in believable but not actually true.

Truth is always better than a comfortable lie that reaffirms your worldview.

Joining me tonight to discuss some of her work in the reporting of vaccine injuries, vaccine patents, and what she is up to next, from her home in Cobourg, Ontario, is Tamara Ugolini.

Plus, stick around to the end of the show. I'm trying out something new! I'm reading your letters.

Should I keep the letter segment? Let me know what you think.

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