Why Manitoba is a COVID-19 success story (Guest: Marty Gold)

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Manitoba has had incredible success managing the provincial response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The most recent data shows a four day streak of no new cases. The number of active cases in the province is now down to 16. No people are in hospital.

In total, seven coronavirus patients have died in Manitoba; 269 have recovered.

Manitoba has also had a very divergent approach to social distance regulation enforcement than Ontario, opting for education over fines and tickets.

How did Manitoba create large scale public buy-in to the so-called new normal while protecting civil liberties and lives?

In other news, Canada's Jewish focused website, theJ.ca, has undergone a relaunch and rebrand with an enormous stable of incredible new journalists and writers, including Sue Ann Levy. The new incarnation of the website was even reported in The Times of Israel. How did that happen in the age of failing media outlets, the coronavirus business collapse, and constant government journalism bailouts?

Joining me tonight to talk about how Manitoba became a covid success story and the reboot of theJ.ca is Winnipeg-based journalist a editor-in-chief of theJ.ca is Marty Gold.

  • By Ezra Levant

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