Cabinet ministers cover their behinds in the last week of trucker commission testimony

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The last week of the POEC sees cabinet ministers covering their behinds.

The public order emergency commission (POEC) is the official examination of the government's use of the counter-terrorism law, the Emergencies Act (EA), against peaceful anti-covid restriction protesters - the Freedom Convoy- in Ottawa in February.

Until this week, the final week of testimony, the commission has heard from apolitical police forces and senior government bureaucrats with few exceptions. However, now senior cabinet ministers like AG David Lametti, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, and Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair are testifying to their roles and reasoning in subverting the CSIS definition of a threat to Canada and using their own more broad one to justify the EA.

On Wednesday morning, texts between Mendicino and Lametti indicated they wanted to use tanks on the protesters as early as four days into the nearly four-week-long protest.

Ottawa-based Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume is joining me tonight to discuss this week's testimony and what we can expect in the dwindling days of the testimony.

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