Ottawa area teachers banned from sharing gender identity of kids with parents

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I think the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board might be one of the most overtly woke school boards in the entire country.

True North's Cosmin Dzsurdzsa (@cosminDZS on Twitter) has been the lead investigative journalist digging into some of the more radical policies and initiatives at school boards across the country, and OCDSB has come on his radar with some really bizarre decisions.

In September, the board removed Lord of the Flies after the William Golding novel was described as rife with “white, male supremacy, which tells the story of a group of boys in a hierarchical order who fight for power and degrade one another.”

Three weeks before Remembrance Day, the board wondered if singing O Canada at school gatherings was “distasteful” and if the tradition — which is entrenched in Ontario law — should be replaced altogether.

More recently, the board issued a 42-page document entitled Gender Identity and Gender Expression: Fostering inclusive learning environments for all students that requires the schools to recognize the gender self-identification of students and prevents the schools from sharing new identities of students with parents:

Trans, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse people are the experts in their own identities and experiences, and school staff must follow students’ leads regarding the spaces and language that are most comfortable for them at any time.

School staff shall not share a student’s trans or gender diverse status with family members or guardians without the explicit permission of the student. A student’s gender identity will only be disclosed to another person on a need-to-know basis.

Joining me tonight to discuss just some of the woke madness coming out of the OCDSB is Cosmin Dzsurdzsa of True North Centre.

Other school boards might be equally as far left, but the OCDSB is the most upfront about it. So maybe we should appreciate the honesty.

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