Freethinkers are needed on the entertainment battlefield in the culture war

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Independent musician Brad Skistimas, the man behind Five Times August, is back with a new compilation album of his latest work, Silent War.

Brad has been making music that questions acceptable narratives.

For example, his single, This Just In, mocking the Canadian prime minister's authoritarian crackdown on peaceful protesters who convoyed to the nation's capital, was a hit with pro-convoy truckers. It's also more relevant than ever as the inquiry into Justin Trudeau's overreach is underway.

Questioning power structures is what musicians used to do. Think about the 1960s and 70s. Musicians used to be at the forefront of speaking truth to power and giving voice to the voiceless through free expression. Now, Hollywood and the music industry enforce complete ideological homogeneity on all things, from vaccines, lockdowns, war, politics and drag queen story hour.

Brad joins me tonight to discuss why the culture war is a battlefield free-thinking people should be on, and why it's so important to continue to produce entertainment content that pushes back against the entertainment monolith.

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