How the Left uses every “crisis” to push a socialist future

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Every catastrophe — real, imagined, or exaggerated - has become a reason for more government control and more handouts.

Global warming? No problem: Drive less, wear a sweater, turn down the thermostat, eat fewer steaks, and pay huge carbon taxes for the government to dish out as massive subsidies to green energy companies.

COVID-19 plague from China? Stay home, social distance, wear a mask, get laid off from work, close your business, and live in constant fear while the government pays you $2000 a month it doesn’t have for the pleasure of having your life ruined for the last six months.

Racism? Easy. Just give special corporate welfare to black-owned businesses.

The question doesn’t matter because the answer is always socialism.

Dr. Jay Lehr of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and the International Climate Science Coalition sat down with me to discuss how these constant crises are being manipulated and often created to push a socialist future and bigger, more expensive government.

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