Can bartering help social-credit proof your finances?

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What's old is new again, and that includes how people think about how they participate in the exchange of goods and services with each other.

Business shutdowns, lockdowns and economic slowdowns have left many businesses with stranded assets, expiring goods and diminishing services. Cash isn't flowing, and these businesses need to find a way to connect to unlock opportunities and growth. That's where John Porter of Barter Pay comes in with his system of connecting buyers and sellers in an alternate economy.

But he also has a plan to roll out his digital barter system to normal people.

And it couldn't come at a more opportune time when so many people are concerned about their government de-banking them for political wrongthink, the way the Liberals did to Freedom Convoy supporters whose crimes against the state often involved supporting truckers protesting COVID mandates in the nation's capital.

John Porter joins me tonight in an interview we recorded Tuesday morning about his next project; Barter It.

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