• By Keean Bexte

Help Ocean

We stand with Ocean and condemn the police brutality against him. We demand that the Calgary police withdraw charges and that Mayor Nenshi apologizes to Ocean personally.

On a brisk Thursday, just prior to sunset, the Calgary Police approached an unassuming group of kids to shoo them off of a local hockey rink.

That is when things got heated. Not because of anything the kids did, but because the Calgary Police officers refused to outline the actual violations that were committed. Spoiler alert: there were none.

Several videos have surfaced of the violent arrest of Ocean Wiesblatt, the shocking footage went viral internationally.

“Get on the f*king ground! Right now! Get on the ground before I fucking taser you. Right now,” the desperate CPS officer half shrieked, half begged, after her and her partner’s repeated attempts to knock over a young boy on skates to the ice. That is when a taser gun was drawn on the young hockey player.

Tasering someone is considered a last resort option, according to one former CPS officer who spoke to Rebel News anonymously. Tasering someone while they are wearing skates and on ice is something that would have an officer punished.

Eventually, Ocean submitted to an arrest, what he was being charged of violating was not made clear to him until he was handed a pink slip demanding he show up in court come the new year.

The Calgary Police issued a statement, defending the actions of the officers:

Despite signage outlining the rules at the site, Bylaw Services was called when over 40 people were using the area.

This was untrue – photo evidence indicates no more than 15 people were on the ice when police arrived on scene. When Ocean was nearly tasered, he was the only person on the ice.

“The arrested man was also asked multiple times to comply with the restrictions and was given multiple opportunities to only receive a ticket after refusing, but would not provide his name or identification,”the statement read.

Please sign our petition to hold the police to account and get some justice for Ocean!