High transit fees cause riots in Chile; UN Climate Conference given the boot


The government of Chile has just told the United Nations that it is not going to be the host country for the United Nations climate change conference this year.

This is the second host country for the 2019 UN conference that no country wants. Brazil was the first unfortunate selection, however, they elected their own version of Trump — President Jair Bolsonaro — earlier this year and one of the first decrees he made was to tell the United Nations to take their conference and take a hike.

Chile’s capital of Santiago is amidst widespread rioting in the wake of a 4% hike to transit and subway fees. A protest that started as turnstile hopping at the transit stations, spread into chaos, mob violence, looting and the arson of 22 transit stations.

The 4% increase to transit fees became a flashpoint for a populace reeling from an increased cost of living and a devalued currency.

Nineteen people have died. Chile’s President Piñera rolled back the increase but the civil unrest remains. The root cause of the fee hike hasn’t gone away either, and it won’t if the UN has their way.

This is from The Washington Post:

Chile doesn’t produce its own oil and must import its fuel, leading to high prices for gasoline, electricity and elevated public transportation costs. The government said the fare increase was necessary because of rising energy costs, the devaluation of the country’s currency and maintenance. But many Chileans are frustrated by rising prices.”

It’s no wonder leaders in Chile don’t want to host a conference of global elites who insist the best way to save the world is to make life-saving fossil fuels and, as a result, everything, including public transportation more expensive.

The UN doesn’t want the see the fruits of their evil labors first hand on the ground in Santiago, either.

But they should.