Highlights from Rebel News at the Canadian federal leaders' debates


We beat Justin Trudeau’s censorious government in federal court last week after they tried to ban us from attending the federal leaders’ debate.

Almost immediately after, David and I got to work, taking our shots to challenge the party leaders in the post-debate scrums — first, at the English-language debate, and then at the French-language debate two days later in Gatineau, Quebec. 

Our questions to Trudeau, Scheer, Singh, May and Bernier have been viewed more than half a million times! And it’s not hard to see why — they were honest, hard-hitting, and fair.

From rumors of cover-ups at Trudeau's old West Point Grey Academy to western separatism to terrorist Omar Khadr, we covered everything!

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It's crystal clear that we’re having a major impact in this election campaign. In fact, pound for pound, I think we're having a bigger impact than any other media outlet!

We told you that we were going to push the needle in the right direction — and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

But the government is not preparing to take this lying down — they're telling us that they’ll fight to overturn our court victory. And the judge said that the government only has to pay our expenses for last week’s first-round battle if we win the bigger judicial review that’s still to come. Overall, so far, we’re out of pocket by $10,000, and we’ll surely need around $100,000 to see it through.

So if you can, please click here, or visit LetUsReport.com to find out more about our legal battle and to help us out.

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  • By David Menzies

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