Human Rights Tribunal orders company to pay $120K — to “employee” they never hired

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Welcome back to Canada's Human Rights Tribunals! Today, we're talking about the crazy tale of Muhammad Haseeb.

Canada has become internationally known for the various characters cycling through our Human Rights kangaroo courts.

Regular viewers know that Ezra Levant was prosecuted by a Tribunal for publishing the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in his Rebel precursor, the Western Standard magazine.

Jonathan Yaniv, also known as the violent transgender #WaxHerBalls advocate Jessica Yaniv has been using these Tribunals to drag immigrant estheticians through an expensive punishment process for refusing to provide salon services for any number of reasons.

James Cyrynowski has been flying under the radar, apparently disappearing from his home base in Edmonton after attempting to earn settlements from parents refusing to hire him as a babysitter.

And now we have Muhammad Haseeb, a University graduate in engineering. Haseeb was awarded over $120,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario after an application alleging discrimination in employment by Imperial oil.

Sounds legitimate, until you get to the details.

Imperial Oil actually did offer Haseeb a job with their company after he falsely stated that he was eligible to work in Canada. And when Imperial Oil requested his proof of citizenship or his permanent residency and found they did not exist, the company withdrew their job offer.

WATCH the video to hear why the Human Rights Tribunal sided with Haseeb after giving the opinion that Imperial Oil was relying on a discriminatory policy.

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