Hundreds protest in favour of Hamas terrorists outside of Toronto

Another mass gathering takes place in Mississauga, Ontario called 'All out for Gaza' a day after the former Hamas founder put out a 'Day of Rage' for Muslims across the world to sacrifice their blood and soul for Palestine.

Hundreds protest in favour of Hamas terrorists outside of Toronto
Rebel News
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Saturday afternoon in Celebration Square, Mississauga's nearly 300,000 square foot outdoor civic park outside of its City hall, a call for action was put out for Palestinian supporters to come out and show their support for Hamas' recent terror attack on Israeli civilians that has seen over 1000 dead, including a massacre at a music festival and hostages taken back to Gaza.
Posted by the Instagram account 'palestinianyouthmovement' the description for the hate rally justifies of killing innocent Israeli citizens and calls for those attending to flood the streets of the city to show solidarity against Israel's mission to eradicate the area of Hamas through targeted airstrikes where civilians were given instructions to evacuate.
"This is an attempt to collectively punish the Palestinian people for practicing their right to resist colonial occupation."
Friday night Oct 13 in Ridgeway shopping centre in the outskirts of the city, dubbed "Gaza Plaza" after videos surfaced of a party breaking out immediately when the news came out that Hamas has successfully murdered, raped and butchered civilians, police was high and according to social media reports on X, some drivers were pulled over by police.
Rebel News' Chief Documentarian, Kian Simone captured footage of a similar gathering in Alberta Calgary this afternoon.
Former Hamas chief, Khaled Meshaal had put out a call for a "Global Jihad" for Muslims to protest in support of the Palestinians by their souls and be martyrs to send a message to the "Zionists" and America. A teacher in France was stabbed to death after the attacker shouted "Allahu Ackbar", which means God(Allah) is greatest in Arabic, and an Israeli embassy employee in China was stabbed and now is in stable condition. 
Massive anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests sparked in Western countries, London, Chicago and Quebec's Montreal.
Toronto police took safety measures as a result of a multicultural community in the city and deployed two command stations and increased security measures in community centres, Synagogues and Mosques while alerting the public that hate crime and threats of violence will be dealt with seriously.
In the early afternoon of Thursday, Oct 12 near a Toronto private Jewish school, three individuals were arrested and charged for allegedly threatening students of the schools for lunch. Ened Boydak, 20, Boy 17, Boy 14.
  1. Uttering Threats/Property Damage
  2. Uttering Threats/Death of Bodily Harm
  3. Intimidation by Threats of Violence
  4. Mischief Interfere with Enjoyment of Property
 Rebel News publisher Ezra Levant reported on scene and confirmed that the school dealt with the security threat and the three will face hate crime charges and appeared in court Friday.
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