Hypocrisy? Liberal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra now professes admiration for truckers

The transport minister previously attempted to get truckers' licences revoked who were participating in the Freedom Convoy.

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On yesterday's livestream, Ezra discussed how after clamping down on the trucker protests in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy, Canada's Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra, is now coming out in support of truck drivers.

Here is a recent tweet from Mr. Alghabra:

Critics argue the move is hypocritical, as Alghabra previously chose to enforce COVID-19 restrictions on truckers that forced many of them out of their jobs.

Some truckers rebelled against these mandates by protesting in Ottawa, during which Alghabra attempted to coerce provinces into revoking the participating truckers' driver's licences.

Speaking on the Liberal Party's treatment of the Freedom Convoy truckers, Ezra stated, "not only did they defame the truckers, smear them, insult them, call them names, for merely peacefully exercising their right to protest, but they arrested them, jailed them, seized their trucks, seized their bank accounts."

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