Illegal immigration at Manston migrant centre

What are the authorities trying to hide at the Manston migrant processing centre?

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Manston asylum processing centre near Ramsgate in Kent has come under scrutiny with allegations from senior officials of unsanitary conditions, overcrowding and untrained staff. This former Ministry of Defence facility was repurposed in January 2022 to process migrants arriving illegally via dingy crossings along the Kent coastline.

The number of illegal migrant crossings in the English Channel by small boats has increased dramatically since 2020 and the UK government is struggling to contain the situation. This influx of illegal crossings has led the government to repurpose facilities like Manston for the purpose of temporarily housing migrants and processing their asylum applications.

The spike in illegal migrant crossings has been coupled with a sharp rise in young men from Albania making the crossings in hopes of finding work in the UK.

Since the allegations of an overcrowding crisis within the Manston facility, the government has stepped in and begun to disperse the migrant population to other areas around the country. The migrants have been transported to various hotels around the country which are costing the British taxpayer more than £6.8 millions per day.

Rebel News UK Reporter Callum Smiles visited Manston Processing Facility on Monday the 7 November to catch a glimpse first hand of exactly what was going on and try to speak to some of the camps residents.

What Rebel News discovered was that security at the camp has been ramped up and any press access is being severely restricted. The border force employees and security firms working on the site have blocked off visibility from outside the facility and attempts are made to discourage journalists from observing.

Callum Smiles managed to gain exclusive footage of the arrivals area where a number of illegal migrants were in the beginning stages of being processed. This report contains never before seen footage of new arrivals to the camp being held in a caged off area presumably before being medically inspected, clothed and given temporary accommodation.

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  • By Callum Smiles

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