Illinois teachers told Americans are “spiritually murdering” students in ‘anti-racist’ training

Illinois teachers told Americans are “spiritually murdering” students in ‘anti-racist’ training
Mike Maguire
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A Chicago-area school district reportedly hosted anti-racist training for school administrators including tell them that expecting non-white teachers to instruct white students is a form of “covert white supremacy.” 

The Federalist reports that on Feb. 26, Naperville Community Unit School District 203 held a training course hosted by the Countywide Equity Institute and “antiracist” coach Dena Simmons. 

The training course included instruction on “equity and inclusion practices for the district,” and training for implicit bias and microaggressions. 

Simmons told attendees that Americans are “spiritually murdering” students. Her remarks were in line with other equity and diversity training sessions across the country that have used the same terminology, arguing that black students are being spiritually murdered by white supremacy and instruction that reinforces it.

Simmons reportedly told attendees that white people removing snow is indicative of systemic racism, likely referencing a Los Angeles Times article where the author condemned her Republican neighbor for plowing her driveway days after the Capitol riot… instead of weeping and tearing his hair out in disgust towards other conservatives, as one is expected to do whenever a conservative somewhere does something unbecoming, because God forbid people take responsibility for their own actions instead of acting like a collective. Oh wait, that’s communism.

Simmons, who graduated from Yale, has praised the New York Times’ widely criticized 1619 Project as the gold standard for education. Simmons also ran a TEDx talk claiming that white supremacy exists because schools refuse to teach antiracism to students, as detailed by the Daily Wire

As reported by the Federalist, Jayne Willard, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction at Naperville, who organized the training session, detailed 10 other speakers who would be hosting at the event.

The panelists include Valda Valbrun, CEO of Valbrun Consulting Group, an organization that partners with school districts to provide them with instruction on how to be anti-racist. The organization has partnered with the University of Virginia’s business school and numerous K-12 institutions across the country. 

A whistleblower who contacted the Federalist provided the outlet with slides of Valbrun’s presentation on “Leading for Equity: Efficacy and Action in Schools,” which shows a conspiratorial network that comprises “structural and institutional racism” akin to Charlie Day’s conspiracy chart in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Another slide shows a difference between covert and overt white supremacy, claiming that the phrase “Make America Great Again” as used by former President Trump and his supporters is an example of covert racism, nearly equivalent to use of the N-word and the Ku Klux Klan.

Another slide claims “equal access” with “a vision of society in which the distribution of resources and power is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure.” As described by the Federalist, the equality of outcome or equity, is represented by “anti-racist” educators to be synonymous with equality of opportunity, when in fact the two are nothing alike.

Yet another slide in the training session argues that diversity itself is not enough because it does not promote “racial justice” in not accouningt for race and the lived experiences that come with being non-white. 

The Daily Wire states that the training course was hosted after the Illinois State Board of Education voted to pass a new set of teaching standards to bring their guidance up to par with the latest woke instructions of “culturally responsive” teaching, which forces teachers to “embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints.” 

Teachers in Illinois are not only encouraged to be open to new opinions, they’re expected to push leftist views onto students as mandated by the state government.

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