INTERVIEW: Sarah Miller, Pastor Artur Pawlowski's lawyer, discusses judge's decision

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Today in court, Justice Adam Germain gave his troubling decision on sanctions relating to the contempt of court matters for Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid Pawlowski.

The decision was on one hand a victory for Artur’s legal counsel Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, as she rightfully dissuaded the court from mandating further imprisonment against the Pawlowski’s for their refusal to close their church.

On the other hand, the sanctions imposed by Justice Germain raised new issues and challenges that were extremely problematic, to say the least.

Bizarrely, before Justice Germain announced his decision, he went on an extended tirade against Pastor Artur comparing him to a drunk driver who was endangering lives.

Justice Germain then spoke at length about the COVID-19 pandemic, echoing the talking points of government officials and Alberta Health Services.

None of his comments were material to the contempt of court matter before him, but if there was any doubt as to whether this trial was about upholding the law or making a political point, his rant laid that conversation to rest.

As soon as it becomes available, we will provide you with the transcript of court proceeding so you can read the unbelievable content of Justice Germain’s comments for yourself.

The sanctions Justice Germain went on to announce would only further confirm the politicization of the Pawlowski’s case.

While Artur and Dawid Pawlowski were not going to be hauled to prison as a result of the court’s decision, some components of the sanctions are profoundly troubling.

Dawid faces a $10,000 fine and joint responsibility for the legal costs incurred by Alberta Health Services and a troubling 12-month probation period which we will discuss below.

Meanwhile, Pastor Artur faces a combined $23,000 fine plus joint responsibility for legal costs incurred by Alberta Health Services, in addition to 18 months probation.

Both brothers were also assigned community service work, which they have been told cannot include the weekly efforts to feed and care for the homeless through their ministry.

Included in these problematic probation periods are some unsurprising restrictions — like an expectation that they will adhere to health restrictions — but beyond that, there are some limitations that undermine Artur’s capacity as a pastor, and, quite clearly, seek to mute him as a political critic.

Firstly, in an apparent attack against Pastor Artur’s American speaking tour, which Justice Germain referenced frequently before reading his decision, Artur is not allowed to travel outside of Alberta.

Furthermore, Artur and Dawid have reportedly been ordered to include a scripted disclosure of government-approved medical information regarding masking, vaccines, and COVID-19 ostensibly with every comment they make publicly.

This component of the sanctions amounts to a compelled speech mandate — a direct attack on free speech, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that these proceedings have always been about one thing: stifling those who dare speak out.

Artur, as you well know, is not one to be stifled.

Nor are we here at Rebel News.

So we plan to fight appeal this absurd decision, but we need your help to do so.

Sarah Miller, who joined me to discuss Justice Germain’s decision and her ongoing efforts in defense of Pastor Artur, is already hard at work on the appeal process for this decision.

If you want to help with this vital legal battle, you can do so at now.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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