'Intifada revolution!': Huge pro-Hamas rally takes place at Hamilton city hall

A speaker at the rally demanded that Canada declare Israel an apartheid state, recognize that Palestinians can legally and morally kill Israelis and to place sanctions on Israel.

'Intifada revolution!': Huge pro-Hamas rally takes place at Hamilton city hall
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Outside of city hall in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, hundreds of protesters rallied for the "All Out For Palestine!" march on Sunday, Oct. 16, with a list of demands for the Canadian government on behalf of Gaza, while justifying the massacre carried out against Israeli's last week.

"There is only one solution, Intifada revolution!" was one chant heard at the rally.

Throughout the day, the protesters remained peaceful and the crowd chanted several pro-Hamas slogans, along with calls for violence against Israel and its citizens, justifying the massacre the terror group committed last week. The death toll from the attack has risen to over 1,300.

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" was another chant, referring to the forceful removal of Israelis from the region.

Hamilton police officers were situated on the outskirts of the rally, while a large detainment vehicle waited behind the city hall building.

In one instance, a speaker called for the attendees to join in shaming Canada for supporting Israel's right to defend itself and clearing the terror group inside Gaza.

"They defend and arm Ukraine when it defends itself occupation while we are dehumanized because of the anti-Palestinian racism," the speaker said. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently stated that Canada's support for Ukraine is unwavering, boasting about handing $9 billion provided to the Eastern European country.

She continued: "Palestinians have the right to resist their occupiers including armed struggle."

Last week, Hamas targeted a music festival near the border with Gaza, killing civilians attending indiscriminately, raping woman and taking hostages, parading their bloodied bodies to cheers inside Palestine. The terror group continued its bloodshed by attacking Israeli houses near the border, burning and executing people they came across.

The speaker went on to claim Canada is committing an ongoing genocide and called for the government to adhere to three demands on behalf of the residents of Gaza.

  1. Declare that Israel is an apartheid state;
  2. Recognize the Palestinians can morally and legally kill Israelis;
  3. Sanction Israel

Ending her speech, the speaker blamed "Islamophobia" for members of the media and governments for labelling the protest as anti-Semitic and terroristic.

In the conclusion, she quoted murderous Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro.

"Shame! To respond to this misinformation, we quote the great Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro who said: 'Condemn me, it does not matter. History will absolve me.'"

To see more of Rebel News' coverage of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict head over to TheTruthAboutTheWar.com, where you can see reports from Avi Yemini and video producer Benji, who are on the ground in Israel filing daily updates.

New Democrats were hosting a party convention on the same day, and the rally marched to its location in an attempt to pressure legislators to back Hamas' efforts.

Sarah Jama, the NDP MPP representing Hamilton Centre, where the rally took place, is under fire for a post on X (formerly Twitter) and attending a rally in Toronto celebrating the attacks on Oct. 9. 

Jama condemned the attacks after Premier Doug Ford and others called for her resignation. Rebel News is still calling for Jama's resignation with a petition you can sign at FireJama.com.

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