Investigated by the Competition Bureau... for being climate change skeptics

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The Elections Commissioner is investigating my boss Ezra Levant for writing a best selling book that details all the crimes and corruption of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal MPs and hangers-on.

The book is called The Libranos and it's the only book put of nearly 2 dozen released about Justin Trudeau during the election campaign to be investigated for breaking campaign finance laws.

It's government censorship, plain and simple. You can see the threat letter to Ezra, read our plan of attack and help us fight back at

But this isn't the first time a government agency was weaponized by the Left to act as the Ministry of Truth.

Friends of Science and The International Climate Science Coalition were both investigated by the Competition Bureau — an agency with a primary role of making sure companies aren't making untrue marketing claims about miracle cures — for being climate skeptics.

It's almost too crazy to be true.

My guest tonight is Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition to tell me of the investigation of him and his group in 2017.

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