#WEscam: “The real issue is the CBC,” Spencer Fernando tells Ezra Levant

On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Spencer Fernando of SpencerFernando.com joined me to discuss Justin Trudeau's involvement in the WE Charity scandal, and what happens when the media gets put on the Trudeau payroll too. 

As Spencer said: 

"If you know a scandal is going to come out, then you release it first. You try to beat the story, and you try to get it to someone you think is going to be supportive or friendly. The real issue is the CBC — we all pay for it — it's not supposed to be friendly to friends of the Liberal Party. So the fact that they even felt like the CBC would be friendly in and of itself, that's a pretty serious problem."

WATCH the clip and see what Spencer has to say about how the story went to CBC's house Liberal, who managed to tie Justin Trudeau's most recent scandal to Stephen Harper of all people.