BREAKING: Joe Biden ancestor owned slaves, according to genealogist, census records

BREAKING: Joe Biden ancestor owned slaves
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On the heels of a charged sexual assault allegationJoe Biden may be in even more impending political trouble as recently uncovered ancestry documents appear to demonstrate his ancestor was a slaveowner.  

Biden’s lineage was traced by genealogical expert William Addams Reitwiesner, an American genealogist who was best known for tracing the ancestry of celebrities, U.S Political figures, and English royalty.

In an extensive tree created by Reitweinser prior to his 2010 death, he attempted to detail Biden’s heritage to the 9th-extended great grandparent, but it is the well-documented section on Biden’s alleged great-great-great grandparents that have caught the attention of some internet sleuths.

Jesse Robinette, whose surname is shared with Joe Biden’s middle name, was a slaveowner.

According to the 1830 census of slave holding, Jesse Robinette declared he had 7 slaves, three of which were boys under the age of 15, and two of which were girls under the age of 10. 

Joe Biden has been previously bashed by critics for refusing to commit to reparations for slavery, and has a long, well-documented history of racially problematic remarks and policies.

During the Democratic Primaries, Biden was slammed by opponent Kamala Harris for his role opposing school desegregation in the 1970s. Biden introduced proposals which blocked the Justice Department’s attempts to use the busing of African American children to racially integrated schools as a desegregation tool. He also called the desegregation effort an “asinine policy.”

In 1994, Biden also played a key role in the infamous Crime Bill which disproportionately impacted African Americans, often penalizing them harsher for the same crimes.

As recently as May 2020, Biden came under fire for telling African Americans who were unwilling to cast their ballot for him that they “ain’t black.” 

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