CATFISHED: We found Jonathan Yaniv heading to Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital

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Be honest: you thought it would be impossible for the Jonathan Yaniv saga to get any weirder, didn't you? Well, wait'll you hear this tale that is guaranteed to raise goosebumps.

You see, last weekend, Jonathan Yaniv and the ever lovely Mama Yaniv flew from Vancouver, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario.

Last Saturday, my colleague Keean Bexte was tipped off by a reliable source that the Yanivs were likely headed this way, and the Alberta-based Keean passed along this information along to the Toronto-based Rebel head office.

Anonymous Tipster: Yaniv Got Catfished!

Here’s what Keean was told by his source:

Someone who Yaniv sort of knows, or perhaps someone that he might’ve actually preyed upon in the past, said Yaniv had been “catfished.”

In other words, Yaniv had been lured into starting up a relationship with a fake online persona.

Taking on the persona of a mature mother, the catfish told Yaniv that she was flying to Toronto with her “sick daughter.”

The catfish told Yaniv NOT to go to Toronto, and to leave her alone.

Yaniv Couldn't Resist Visiting Alleged Young Girl

But apparently, being able to visit a young girl while she was confined to a hospital bed was just too irresistible for Yaniv.

And so it was that Yaniv communicated to the catfish that he would fly the 3,300 km distance from Vancouver to Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital to see them.

Now keep this in mind:

  • Yaniv had never met the catfish posing as a woman with whom he communicated.
  • He had never spoken to her on the phone.
  • He had never seen a video of her.
  • All he was going on was one fake photograph!

But apparently that was good enough for him to hop aboard a plane for a cross-Canada journey – with Mama Yaniv in tow, to boot!

Catfishing Jonathan Yaniv As A Form Of Online Justice

As for the motivation of the woman who catfished Yaniv?

The catfish apparently orchestrated this caper as a way of comeuppance, alleging that Yaniv has catfished several other girls and that this was a taste of his own medicine.

And apparently, Yaniv fell for her preposterous pitch hook, line and stinker.

Indeed, the source alleges, that some how, some way, Yaniv apparently thinks he is “engaged” to this made-up woman with an ailing daughter – both of whom do not even exist!

Numerous online communities dedicated to following the exploits of the Yanivs have sprung up, even before Jonathan's name was legally allowed to be released during last year's Human Rights waxing case.

Approaching The Yanivs (And Getting It On Camera)

But I guess in Yaniv’s twisted mind, the chance to hook up with a potential mate who has a young, bed-ridden daughter is a relationship jackpot.

After all, there are numerous allegations that Yaniv has a thing for young girls, even though this man is allegedly transitioning into a female.

It’s all so confusing, isn’t it?

Then again, creepy is par for the course when it comes to anything Yaniv. And so it was that I was able to scrum Jonathan and his mama outside Toronto’s Pantages Hotel, hoping to get clarity to this super-weird story.

And what did Yaniv do?

He called the police, falsely claiming I was pointing a handgun at him and his mother.

I think that is called making a false police report, but once again, Jonathan Yaniv gets a free pass when it comes to breaking the law.

The question is: why?

Taking Yaniv To Court (We Need Your Help)

Rebel News has confirmed with the Crown Prosecutors Office in Surrey, British Columbia, that serial Human Rights Commission complainant Jonathan Yaniv’s third criminal charge in a year against Rebel journalist Keean Bexte will be sworn in front of a judge within the next few days.

If you can help us cover the legal fees associated with bringing justice to Jonathan Yaniv, please visit to chip in. Thank you!


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