WATCH: Juiced-up HATER responds to Avi Yemini and it’s hilarious!

A recent exchange with a 'tough guy' anti-Israel activist took an unexpected turn with a response video that's so laughable, it exceeded all expectations.

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In a recent encounter, I shared an entertaining interaction with Roman, a vocal anti-Israel activist. It was quite the spectacle as he tried to intimidate me with his shirtless ranting.

Well, a follower sent me Roman's response video, which, I must admit, was even funnier than I could imagine.

Roman, this time at least clothed, offered a heavily reworked version of events to explain what happened on the day from his perspective.

During our exchange, Roman hid behind a woman and avoided direct questions. Despite his initial bravado, shirtless on a freezing day to intimidate the local Jewish community, he ended up being all bark and no bite.

Roman's notoriety preceded him. A university rabbi had previously reported that Roman had sought me out, confirming his aggressive demeanour.

Yet, in person, Roman's tough guy persona crumbled as he incoherently ranted about his beliefs. When asked if he condemned antisemitism, he sidestepped, claiming he wasn't antisemitic towards Jews who shared his anti-Israel stance.

Essentially, Roman dislikes 95% of Jews but denies being an antisemite!

One of his key points was an accusation against me. He asked why my security had allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck at a university protest.

As you can see from the footage of that incident, my security guard Daniel simply stepped in to ensure my property wasn't stolen as the wild-eyed woman yanked my microphone away from me and played victim when Daniel did his job.

Roman also accused me of admitting that Israel bombed women and children, twisting my words to paint a distorted picture. Like many at the Jew-hating rallies, he fails to understand the distinction between unfortunate victims of defensive operations and the deliberate targeting of civilians by terrorists.

This deliberate misunderstanding serves his biased narrative but lacks factual integrity. His narrative crumbles under scrutiny, often relying on emotional appeals rather than factual accuracy.

It's like the student journalist who tried to lecture me at a coffee shop recently, falsely using words like 'apartheid' without understanding how such labels don't support their argument at all.

As with Roman, his arguments lack the substance needed to withstand factual examination, exposing the hollow core of anti-Israel activism.

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