Kathy Griffin threatens Civil War if Republicans win midterm elections

Comedian Kathy Griffin threatened a Civil War on Tuesday if Republican candidates win against their Democrat opponents in November’s midterm elections.

Kathy Griffin threatens Civil War if Republicans win midterm elections
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This after President Biden delivered an eerie speech at Independence Hall in Pennsylvania last week and said that former President Donald Trump and his supporters “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

In a shocking Twitter post, Griffin insinuated that there will be violence come November if Democrats don’t pick up or defend their seats in the House and the Senate.

“If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican,” Griffin said.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed Griffin’s “threatening” comments and stated that her words represent the typical Hollywood elitist.

“This is WRONG. Crazy Hollywood Leftie threatening “Civil War” if Dems don’t win. Sadly, this is today’s Left: angry, hateful & violent,” Sen. Cruz said on Twitter.

Although Griffin’s statement can be perceived as dumbfounding, this is not the first time the award-winning comedian has made threats against Republicans.

In 2017, Griffin partook in a controversial photo shoot and held a fake decapitated head of former President Donald Trump. She held Trump’s bloody head by his hair as she sinisterly stared into the camera.

The gory photo caught the attention of the Secret Service, and several companies severed ties with Griffin as a result. Griffin claimed that the incident permanently damaged her career, making her unable to book jobs after the controversy.

Rebel News attempted to reach out to Griffin for comment.

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