Keean crosses the Unifor picket line for Co-op gas in Alberta

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Out-of-province protesters have come to Alberta to picket a fuel hub used by local Albertan farmers and truckers. The blockade has been characterized as “illegal” by Co-op, and it's not clear why the police have not arrested those responsible for the disruption.

Eight foot fences have been erected by Unifor around the Carseland fuel hub, inhibiting local traffic and suffocating local businesses.

Local employees of the Co-op are not on strike, however these lawless Unifor thugs don't care about threatening their livelihood.

I cross the picket line and fill up a jerry-can of fuel, with union thugs frothing at the mouth. I'm not going to let out-of-province thugs tell me I can't fill up my farm equipment.

Although this barricade is clearly illegal, Attorney General Doug Schweitzer's rural crime task force remains out of the picture.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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