“Jeremia's rights have been violated”: Keean speaks to lawyer representing teen pulled from tractor

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The August 12 edition of The Ezra Levant Show had another special guest host, this time it was Keean Bexte's turn to fill in. Keean had just returned from covering two big stories in Alberta: one being the potential removal of a beloved Calgary mural, the other being an incident that saw police rough up a teenage farmer during a traffic stop.

Joining Keean as a guest for the show was the lawyer representing the teen and his brother, Tonii Roulston. If the name sounds familiar, Tonii was also the lawyer who represented an Albertan rancher in a shooting incident on his farm back two years ago.

In this recent incident, Tonii said that in her opinion:

From what I've seen of the video and upon speaking with my client, the concern is that this whole incident could have been handled so differently. And we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have two young adults that are actually subject now to the criminal justice system when they've never ever had an interaction.

A big concern for Tonii is how the police are conducting themselves when first investigating the incident. As she says:

What steps are the police taking initially when they are investigating? Why jump straight to charges? Why not have a discussion, have an interaction with the individual, rather than jumping to charges or jumping to physically grabbing somebody and punching them and throwing them out of a vehicle.

The situation is still developing, but if you want to support the teen involved, visit HelpJeremia.com.

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