UPDATE: 29 August

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini has been sensationally denied entry to New Zealand.

Avi, an Australian citizen, was scheduled to fly to New Zealand on Monday to report on what's happening in the country when he was informed at check-in that he would not be let in following a targeted campaign by the New Zealand media to paint Avi as a 'far-right conspiracy commentator' with officials citing the fabricated media hit piece as evidence to refuse his entry.

If you can, please help Avi fight this unjust move by the New Zealand government to stop him from bringing you the other side of the story about what is happening in Wellington.

All donations will contribute to Avi's legal fund to take action against this remarkable decision.

Avi is an experienced reporter with a track record of asking the tough questions most reporters shy away from.

No journalist should be treated so unfairly.

If you agree, sign this petition.


Rebel News isn’t just reporting this news, we’re doing something about it too. We’re fighting it in three ways and we need your help.

1. Please sign this petition and show your support for independent reporting. We know you can't rely on the mainstream media to report fairly and accurately about what is happening in NZ.

2. Donate to help us hire legal representation to fight this unjust decision so Avi can provide real on-the-ground reporting and ask the questions the NZ media refuse to ask.

3. Share the news of this remarkable decision with your friends and family by posting the URL SaveAviYemini.com so we can combat the fake news campaign by the NZ media by letting people know the full story about what really happened.