Liberals hand $120,000 sole-source contract to former Justice Minister Allan Rock

The Government of Canada has just issued a sole-source contract for $120,000 to offer two classes to Canadian diplomats, to ready them for a United Nations Security Council seat that Canada doesn't even have yet.

And the contract went to a former Liberal cabinet minister.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development has a requirement for a contractor to offer government of Canada Personnel specialized core training over the course of two or more learning events for country teams preparing for membership on the United Nations Security Council. This training must also address thematic and Country priorities of interest to Canada and its preparation for a seat on the council.”

The two learning events — what normal people call classes — need to take place between February 24th 2020 and December 30th 2020 to meet the requirements of the contract awarded to a New York based company called Security Council Report.

Former Justice Minister and overseer of the defunct Liberal gun registry, Allan Rock, is the chair of Security Council Report.

We've seen this movie before. Last year, Gerald Butt’s new employer the Eurasia group was awarded a $200,000 sole-source contract by the Trudeau Liberals.

This is how the Liberals reward their friends with your money.