Liberals make access to assisted suicide easier during COVID

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With support from the Bloc Quebecois, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has passed a revised version of Bill C-7. The bill expands access to medical assistance in dying — sometimes referred to as “MAID” — making the program accessible to those suffering strictly from mental illness.

In the current social climate seeing a rise in mental health issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a potential lack of access or funding for many of the healthcare options offered through the already-existing MAID programs, issues may very well arise.

Joining Sheila Gunn Reid on this week's edition of The Gunn Show, Michelle Stirling from Friends Of Science shared a touching personal story of her experience with government assisted suicide.

Michelle's brother had serious health issues which led to his decision to enter the MAID system in Alberta, providing him with numerous avenues of medical support in an effort to improve his quality of life. Ultimately, Michelle's brother decided that he no longer wanted to continue with the physical struggles. All along the way, Michelle said, the intent was to help him live. 

Explaining her concerns with the changes made by the new bill, Michelle said:

In the time of COVID, people are very lonely and isolated. When they can't actually go and meet with physicians and all these councillors, when we're strapped for cash, when many people are now being deemed to be quite inconvenient by the medical system — I'm not saying the healthcare provides, but say the insurance companies, pension plans, people who have to pay the tab. 

I think it will just be a very convenient way to just push people off a cliff and they'll never have the kind of care and attention that my brother had. And that's my concern.

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