The Buffalo | Liberals soft on committing to consulting Canadians on net-zero targets

The Liberals didn't ask Canadians if they wanted to bear the cost of going green, or Albertans if they wanted to sacrifice their jobs on the altar of the green gods.

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As the Liberals race at breakneck speeds toward their net-zero goals, which include fertilizer reductions, coming prohibitions on the sale of gas-powered vehicles, and a ban on single-use plastics, the so-called natural governing party is not solidifying a plan to consult Canadians about the WEF-inspired climate scheme. Instead, the consultation progress "may" include Canadians.

Net-zero is a plan to offset the carbon emissions for the production and transportation of any good or service, and it is poised to hyper-inflate the cost of everything.

According to the new CanadaBuys website for federal procurements:

"Environment Climate Change Canada will need facilitation services, as and when requested, to conduct facilitated engagement activities to support the delivery of the Net-Zero Advisory Body (NZAB) mandate. Engagement activities (activities include, but are not limited to, workshops, conferences, roundtables and special events) may include participation from the Canadian public, provinces and territories, municipalities, Aboriginal governments or organizations, youth, civil society, industry or other stakeholders, experts, including scientists and indigenous knowledge holders, and, international bodies."

"...may include participation from the Canadian public?" MAY?

The rate-paying Canadian public must have a say in the Liberals' great green reset. However, the Liberals are not committing to consulting with voters. After all, they are the ones footing the bill for it all.

The Financial Post in 2021 reported the cost of net zero, as analyzed by RBC:

RBC released a report called “The $2 Trillion Transition: Planning for Canada’s place in a Net Zero world,” which plots out a possible course for the country to reduce its emissions in line with a net-zero emissions target by 2050 and budgets the cost of the shift. That’s roughly equivalent to Canada’s annual GDP last year, which stood at just under $2 trillion last year, according to Statistics Canada.

All told, the Toronto-based bank believes the government and the private sector needs to spend $56.4 billion annually in six different sectors to meet its net-zero targets. Broken down, the report pegs the price tag at $25 billion per year for building out electric vehicle infrastructure in the transportation sector, $13.7 billion on emissions reductions in the oil and gas sector, $5.4 billion retrofitting old buildings, $5.4 billion in the electricity sector, $4.4 billion in the heavy industries and $2.5 billion in the agricultural sector annually.

The Liberals didn't ask Canadians if they wanted to bear the cost of going green, or Albertans if they wanted to sacrifice their jobs on the altar of the green gods. They know what the response will be.

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