Local Vancouver radio show announces they will soon only play music by vaccinated artists

As of September 13, the Vancouver Co-Op Radio show Unsigned BC will only be playing music by those who have received the COVID vaccine.

Local Vancouver radio show announces they will soon only play music by vaccinated artists
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The Vancouver Co-op Radio show “Unsigned BC” has announced that it will no longer play music by unvaccinated musicians on the show. The move, while unprecedented, is part of the ongoing effort to persuade more people to take the COVID-19 vaccination. 

As of September 13, the show, which bills itself as a “weekly program that plays 100% locally created music,” will be cutting off support of any musicians in British Columbia who have refused or have yet to take the vaccine. 

The show is hosted by Sean Christie and Brandon Krupa. According to the show’s page, “Each episode consists of song reviews or a discussion on social issues using music to address the topic. The show regularly features experts as guest hosts, from academics to politicians and advocates.”

In a post on Instagram that appears to have since been deleted, Unsigned BC explained the move:

I’m sorry if this upsets you, but your actions upset me. I understand you are scared and confused and that is why I haven’t posted anything. But it’s time to grow up. I’m done with the kid gloves.

Please don’t message me, you won’t convince me. I am very confident in my education and ability to process information. Don’t tell me about the law or your rights, I have a JD and you will just sound even more dumb.

How the radio show would verify the vaccination status of artists who make submissions was unclear. 

“I fondly remember [Co-op Radio] being a haven of inclusivity and diversity,” wrote Rebel News video journalist Matt Brevner, who is based in B.C. “Unless there has been a massive shift in the stations [sic] ideological ethos, I’d imagine that this sort of behaviour is something that they disagree with.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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