Mainstream media doesn't want kids back in school; top pediatricians disagree

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Critics and politicians have seemingly stopped pointing to the coronavirus death rate now that it has dropped substantially, opting instead for reporting on rising case numbers as the reason to keep everything closed.

In Canada, much of the justification is, "look at all the cases in the US, that's what's gonna happen here if we open up too soon."

If you're wondering, "but I thought people dying was the number one concern here?" you aren't alone.

For example, 82 per cent of coronavirus deaths in Canada come from long-term care homes. A stat you should be aware of.

There are very few recent deaths  and even cases  in the country as I showed you last week. Yet some regions are still under restrictions, even though they are down to zero deaths AND hospitalizations. But death rates continue to drop and that should be the main focus.

The Atlantic poses the question: COVID-19 Cases Are Rising in the US, So Why Are Deaths Flatlining?

At the same time, these media outlets will tell you President Trump is wrong if he says it's because there's more testing being conducted. Almost 50 million tests have been carried out in the United States, with around a nine per cent positive rate. 

There's so much testing available, that sometimes facilities are virtually empty.

One amateur reporter, Eric Butler, has been visiting a Brooklyn testing site for months, telling us:

Between April 10 and June 24, 2020, I visited the “testing site” in Flatbush, Brooklyn at least 3 times per week and it has remained almost completely empty throughout. Government workers have had time to nap in hammocks, sleep in vans and throw around a makeshift football.

He's not kidding. Check out this video from his Instagram page Report and Opine where he catches what appears to be a National Guardsman sleeping in a van, at the empty testing grounds:

Pointing to rising case numbers in the US is not a cause for concern, rather a sign that far more people have the illness than once thought, meaning the risk of serious harm or death is far lower.

Trump is also under fire for DARING to suggest that children need to go back to school. Comments like this from PBS News correspondent Yamiche Alcindor are common:

Bestselling author Don Winslow released this ad, called #NotMyChild:

By the sounds of these comments, you'd think sending your kids back to school has to be the dumbest and most dangerous thing you could do.

MSNBC also reached out to what they called "five of the top pediatrician in the country" and they got an answer completely different than what you might expect.

If doctor's are saying they wouldn't hesitate to send their own children back to school, and death rates are way down, why aren't we back to normal yet? I'll let you answer that one.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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