WATCH: Man BASHED by Covid cops WINS in court, police to pay costs

Melbourne man triumphs after gruelling battle against police stemming from brutal lockdown arrest.

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Simon Timothy, whose harrowing two-and-a-half-year battle against charges stemming from an arrest during a pandemic protest in Melbourne, has emerged victorious, with police forced to pay costs.

I caught up with Simon at the Melbourne Magistrates Court to delve into the details of his recent court win, shedding light on the shocking events that transpired.

Simon's ordeal began when he attended a protest to witness the impact of lockdowns on friends who lost jobs and businesses. Little did he anticipate that his peaceful observation would escalate into a confrontation with the police.

The pivotal moment unfolded when he found himself arbitrarily arrested, merely for leaning against a wall in a cathedral carpark.

The subsequent altercation, as captured on police body cameras, showcased a disturbing use of force. It's the first time the bodycam footage had been seen by the public after the vision was tendered into evidence.

Despite Simon's non-resistance, he endured aggressive treatment, resulting in a broken back that continues to cause him excruciating pain.

After facing charges for failing to provide his name and address, along with three Chief Health Officer-related charges, Simon found himself back in court.

Simon thanked his lawyer for dismantling the case during cross-examination, leading to the dismissal of all charges. His fight for justice has not only vindicated him but serves as a beacon of hope for others who have faced similar injustices during the tumultuous period of pandemic-related restrictions.

As he takes a well-deserved breather, Simon expresses gratitude for the support he received, both from his legal team and those who prayed for him.

Simon aims to turn the tide against unlawful actions by law enforcement. He advocates for accountability and hopes to inspire others to stand up against injustice.

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