Manitoba cops gave out a lot of Christmas caroling tickets (here's three more)

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In Winkler, Manitoba, singing Christmas carols in a public park will earn you a $1,300 fine.

Back in December, I told you the story of Jake Klassen. He's a Manitoba trucker who received a $1,300 ticket for breaking COVID lockdown rules when he attended a singing service in a public park with members of his faith community, after Progressive Conservative Premier Brian Pallister closed all the churches to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But Jake Klassen's unwelcome Christmas gift, courtesy of Pallister's Manitoba government, was not an isolated incident. Several others have received fines for the newly minted crime of socially distant Christian hymn singing outdoors.

Today, I'll introduce you to Peter Friesen, John Harder and Rudy Unger. Rudy is speaking on behalf of his elderly parents who received the tickets for singing, since English is their second language.

Rebel News is helping the Friesen, Harder and Unger families fight these outrageous fines. It was bad enough when Pallister outlawed in-person church services, but it's downright petty and cruel to outlaw gathering as a religious community to sing outdoors.

If you'd like to contribute to our legal efforts to defend civil liberties during the pandemic, please donate at

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