Masked anti-Israel protesters block the Gardiner Expressway 'on behalf of all Torontonians'

Hamas sympathizers and Palestinian activists in Toronto bragged about blockading the city’s major roadway by having protesters hide their identity with masks, sunglasses, and scarves. Many online are expressing anger over why police aren’t enforcing the law.

Masked anti-Israel protesters block the Gardiner Expressway 'on behalf of all Torontonians'
Instagram/ hamilton4palestine
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In the afternoon of November 24, 2023, a social media account based in Toronto posted a polished video of several dozen demonstrators with Palestinian flags parking their cars on the city’s heavily commuted Gardiner Expressway, jamming traffic to raise awareness for the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. They claim it’s on behalf of all Torontonians.

The one-minute-and-30-second video started with one of the blockaders saying, "This is on behalf of everybody in Toronto for Palestine," adding that they believed this action was justified as they were stopping the highway for just four minutes.

He continued, in full seriousness, "We're not here to disturb anybody," and the video, throughout its montage, showcased the standstill traffic of hundreds of cars recorded on several cameras, including a drone flying above.

One of the women featured looked strikingly similar to Essra Karam, an ardent defender of the terrorist organization Hamas. This resemblance was noted during an interview by Rebel News in Mississauga, Ontario, in mid-October of last month, following the massacre that led to the rape and murder of 1,200 Israelis, with hundreds taken hostage.

When reposted onto X (formerly known as Twitter), there was outrage about the double standards of policing when it comes to peaceful protests. Many across Canada noted the heavy-handed approach authorities had towards Freedom demonstrators protesting against COVID restrictions.

Liberty Curious podcast host Kate Wand slammed the disruption to Torotonians.

"Trudeau instated the Emergencies Act for the first time, formerly known as the War Measures Act used by his father when he was PM, to crack down on peaceful dissent against government overreach. Honking horns and bouncy castles merited violence on non-violent citizens from police, trampling horses, and frozen bank accounts," she said.

"Death threats against Jewish children, schools shot at, intimidating vandalism, calling for intifada — a violent revolution against government and/or extermination of Israelis/Jews — and blocking major highways in one of the most densely populated cities in Canada… crickets."

Professor James Lindsay opined the group’s actions as "narcissistic entitlement."

Many more online emphasized that actions disrupting other Canadian’s lives are not going to win the public support they are aiming for in the Israel-Hamas war.

True North Centre editor-in-chief Candice Malcom said, “Yeah that’s going to win them support.”

“The pro-Hamas mobs aren't winning hearts and minds this way.”

This occurred a day before the brokered ceasefire between the two in the Middle East came into effect, and Israeli hostages are being exchanged for Palestinian prisoners.

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