McKenna a victim of a hate crime? Sheila Gunn Reid disagrees

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The August 13 edition of The Ezra Levant Show was guest hosted by Sheila Gunn Reid, who discussed the rise in hate crimes in Canada, and a recent incident that saw an individual yell obscenities at a staffer who answered the door at Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna's office in Ottawa. 

But are hate crimes really on the rise, or are Liberals just considering everything that hurts their feelings a hate crime? Sheila took a look at what happened in Ottawa, and came to this conclusion:

There's no such thing in the criminal code as a verbal assault. Words are just that  words. And if we're going to get nit-picky, calling someone a dick” is the same as using the c-word.

Yeah, it's kind of a gendered insult, but get over it, it's not a hate crime. McKenna has called people deniers, using the language of holocaust denial to describe people who are simply skeptical that taxes may or may not change the weather.

Just another example of the shameless hypocrisy that comes from those on the left. So what's Sheila's advice here? Well, as she says:

Don't be Peter MacKay, tripping over himself to paint these vulgar outbursts as a problem of the masculine-friendly conservative movement. Because it's not, it happens on all sides.

Let the Liberals white knight for powerful women who have the entire media and government apparatus in their corner when those women play the victim. And for the rest of you: carry on, because you didn't do these things.

Don't let the media and the Liberals force you to be responsible for them. Sympathizing with the cry-bullies does not buy you reprieve from them.

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