Melbourne: Protesters speak out before being attacked by police

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As anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne grow in size, so has the response from police.

Victoria Police arrested seventy-four people at one protest on the weekend.

Many are calling the response heavy-handed as video of riot police storming the Victoria Markets went viral.

Whilst most of the mainstream media give police and government officials a platform to have their say, almost none spoke to the protesters.

I went to find out why they were really protesting.

One immigrant told me she's "been here for four years and Australia deserves more."

Another woman said she doesn't care about getting arrested because she's worked her whole life, paid taxes and now she's stuck on welfare.

A crowd cheered for a man who told me he was a Victoria Police member until recently because he "could no longer in good faith work for this organisation."

Shortly after conducting these interviews, police unlawfully arrested me.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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