Miss Understood No. 39 — Recycling Is A Scam

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In Episode No. 39 of Miss Understood, we are shocked by the news that recycling is a myth!

That’s right, all those years of rinsing our yogurt containers were, sadly, for nothing! So, throw your plastic spoons in the trash and do something actionable, like sticking your head to the pavement or throwing a can of soup at a priceless painting! That will surely combat “climate change”.

We also discuss the luxurious life of an imprisoned climate change activist in the UK and offer our advice to the climate brats who want everyone else to ‘do better’ despite not accomplishing anything fruitful themselves.

Plus, did you know that the old liberals are dead? Some literally, yes, but we mean figuratively in this sense.

So, we talk about all the ways classical liberalism has morphed into conservatism and discuss how gross it is that politicians are more concerned with how their peers perceive them than doing the right thing, like preventing nuclear war.

Then, we review a study that claims the COVID-19 pandemic changed our personalities, causing us to be less sympathetic, less open, less extroverted, and less conscientious — shocking that being locked down and isolated for over two years turned us into horrible people.

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