Miss Understood No. 40 — There's Nothing Chic About Heroin

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In Episode No. 40 of Miss Understood, we keep things light.

First, we unpack some of the top reasons why girls are deciding to become boys by citing a Twitter thread by Reality Girl, who thinks societal expectations, gender roles, sexual assault, grooming, abandonment issues, social media, and even parents are to blame.

We then provide our take on THAT New Hampshire beauty contest winner and the unfairness of lowering standards for someone based on their perceived oppression points.

What do you know about Scientology? Nothing? Same here. So, this week we dip our toes into this exclusive religious practice following King of Queens actress Leah Remini’s Twitter thread accusing the Church of Scientology of trying to cover up the truth about the rape charges actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson is currently facing.

We also react to Evie Magazine’s terrible take on the news that 'Heroin Chic' is making a comeback and stress the importance of maintaining a lifestyle that is not extremely indulgent or extremely restrictive but somewhere in the middle!

It looks like Calgary city council accidentally admitted that abortion is gruesome! That’s right — city hall recently drafted a bylaw restricting how graphic pro-life flyers are distributed in Calgary. While it’s despicable the municipal government wants to turn a blind eye to the horrors of abortion, it’s refreshing that they admitted abortion is as horrific as pornography and gore.

Jennifer Aniston also opened up about her struggles with fertility recently despite undergoing IVF for many years. Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio has faced as much criticism as Jennifer for not having kids after all these years, or is it only selfish when it’s a woman?

Plus, there is currently a shortage of children’s Tylenol and cold medicine, and it's giving us major early-2020 toilet paper vibes. But don’t panic — we read some tips on how to combat fevers naturally.

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