Miss Understood No. 36 — You Are The Gatekeeper of Your Sexuality

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A lot is going on in pop culture news these days. So, in Episode No. 36 of Miss Understood, we respond to some of the latest headlines.

Lizzo has made a large splash in the news lately for a variety of reasons. Roe v. Wade was overturned a few months ago, and despite Planned Parenthood’s racist roots, Lizzo misguidedly cites racism as the reason the Supreme Court is leaving abortion laws up to state legislatures.

The artist has also made it her mission to remind white people that her music is not for them, stressing that her music is about her “black experience.” So, to the 71% of Americans who are white, you should probably grant Lizzo her wishes and stop listening to her music. Hopefully, after losing such a large chunk of her fan base, she’s still able to afford her private jet and luxurious lifestyle!

If that weren’t ridiculous enough, Lizzo is also upset about being oversexualized all the time. So, we offer our take on poor Lizzo’s woes and react to her political and feminist justification for wearing skimpy outfits on stage.

Plus, did you know porn is making people dumber? Neither did we, which is why in this week’s episode, we unpack the reasons why, and react to claims by two female celebrities about being oversexualized and abused.

We also expose some of the dark sides of Reddit, which has stirred up a lot of controversy over the years for censoring conservative content while allowing degenerate content that promotes pedophilia to remain on the site.

That’s not all, everyone’s favourite feminist and naked model, Emily Ratajkowski, is facing backlash for dating Brad Pitt, who was accused of abusing his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and their children after the beauty went after men for their bad behaviour. So, we provide our advice to ‘Emrata’ on how to navigate her own hypocrisy.

And finally, our culture is obsessed with labels! So, in this week’s episode, we discuss the term “Latinx” and expose the fact that essentially no one from the Latin-American community identifies with the term.

Plus! We come out of the closet — that’s right, your beloved hosts are now demisexual! Oh, you don’t know what that word means? Watch the show to find out!

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