Is a Montreal naturopath being trapped by Quebec's College of Physicians?

Alexa Lavoie spoke with Annie Juneau, a naturopath, who explained how she and her colleagues live in constant fear of being targeted by fake clients.

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Naturopaths in Quebec are under close scrutiny by the College of Physicians, even though they are not regulated by them.

Annie Juneau is a naturopath and the producer of her own line of natural supplements, authorized by Health Canada.

Recently, an undercover investigation involved sending a fake patient with a hidden camera to the Vitacru clinic to record the entire appointment between Mrs. Juneau and the the fake patient.

Annie Juneau was unaware, and after a few months, she received a letter stating that she faced multiple infractions.

Juneau then explained the main accusations against her.

"Making people believe that you were authorized to practice medicine, prescribe medications, diagnose diseases, and propose medical treatments," she stated.

She appeared before both the Quebec Court and the Superior Court, losing in both instances.

"Now, the game has changed, things have shifted because we have requested the appeal of the superior court judgment, and the judge ruled in our favor. He accepted our appeal, and for the first time in Quebec's history, against the College of Physicians, we will finally debate Article 31, paragraphs 1 and 2, because the judge realized that this had never been debated before," said Mrs. Juneau.

She also mentioned that those who want to support her can do so by visiting her website here

During the interview, she explained how she and her colleagues practice in fear of always being targeted by fake clients.

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