Mosque calls police when Rebel News asks about their ISIS “deradicalization” student

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I returned to the Risalah Foundation in Vaughan, Ontario, which is supposedly providing deradicalization therapy to Pamir Hakimzadah of Toronto. Pamir traveled to Turkey back in 2014. His final destination was supposed to be Syria, where he planned to join ISIS.

This wannabe terrorist never made it out of Turkey, however. Pamir was arrested and eventually deported back to Canada. Then he was arrested for assaulting a witness in June 2016 and charged with leaving Canada to participate in the activity of a terrorist group in April 2017.

He was found guilty, but last June, he received probation and is now a free man — even though the Ontario Parole Board ruled that releasing Pamir “would constitute an undue risk to society”!

Part of his release conditions requires Pamir to receive “deradicalization” therapy from an imam at the Risalah Foundation. But when I visited the Risalah Foundation to get an update on Pamir’s progress on Wednesday, no one would come on camera — even though the Risalah Foundation claims on its website that it is “governed by principles of transparency, inclusion, goodwill, tolerance, positive dialogue, and civic engagement.”

I also, as per the request of a Risalah Foundation representative, reached out to the foundation via its website to arrange an on-camera interview. But despite repeated requests, my emails have gone unanswered and unacknowledged.

So today, prior to Friday prayer services, I revisited the Risalah Foundation to ask attendees if they knew of Pamir Hakimzadah. Not a single person answered in the affirmative.

But get this: not only would the officials at the Risalah Foundation not come on camera — they actually called the cops!

And sure enough, three York Regional Police vehicles showed up. Luckily, there was no rough stuff, and Sharia law is not being enforced in Canada — at least not yet.

But why the silent treatment when it comes to Pamir‘s progress (if any?) Indeed, is he even showing up for his deradicalization sessions? And how effective is deradicalization in the first place?

The public has the right to know, given that Pamir remains a potential threat to the safety of the Canadian public.

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