Mother handcuffed & humiliated for playing ball on the beach with her family

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Jo Mannering, her husband and her seven-year-old child were recently out at their local beach throwing a ball around. They were approached by two police officers who stated that they should not be outside. Jo and her family told the officers that they were exercising, and the officers responded by saying that throwing the ball was not an approved form of exercise and that it had to be running or walking — though this is not actually the case, according to government guidelines.

Jo told us that she became agitated with the officers, and when they asked her for her address, she refused. She was then handcuffed in front of her husband and child, and put in the back of the police van. After giving her address she was released, and told she would be receiving a £200 fine (approximately $340 CAD).

Jo has not yet received the fine; however, we feel that a strongly worded letter to the local police is needed so that a fine is not issued. This is a case where we feel intervention prior to receiving a fine could assist, and that there could possibly be civil action brought against the behaviour of the officers.

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  • By Rebel News

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