Mysterious masked man appears at Toronto anti-lockdown protest

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Remember the superb 2012 Chris Nolan movie, The Dark Knight Rises?

The villain was Bane, a nasty piece of work, notable for that odd and somewhat disturbing contraption that covered his mouth. Nine years later, many real-life people have such contraptions masking their mouths these days, too. Most resemble face diapers, but at a recent anti-lockdown protest, we were approached by a man wearing a device that looked like he’d be able to survive a mustard gas attack. And it was very, very Bane-like indeed. And it was also somewhat baffling because the fellow appeared to be both young and healthy. In other words, this chap likely has a six times higher chance of dying crossing the street than he does of contracting the Wuhan virus.

We interviewed him briefly, but I’ll leave it to you to say if the Q&A session was a success. Why? Well, we could barely hear what he was saying, for starters. (Think of the noise the teacher makes in those Charlie Brown cartoons from yesteryear…)

And he seemed to be all over the place regarding how he thinks the authorities should be handling the Wuhan virus protocols.

But chillingly, is this man's whiz-bang mask the shape of things to come? Please recall that originally, we were told not to wear masks. Then we were ordered to mask up — or else! Now comes word that we should be wearing two or even three masks. 

I’m sure Toronto’s version of Bane would approve of that masking mandate. As for us, we kind of like to breathe fresh air when we’re in the great outdoors. And we like to have a conversation in which every second statement isn’t, “Sorry, what did you say there? Huh? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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