MYSTERY SOLVED! Trudeau's Challenger Jet WAS in Barbados for Christmas 2020... But it's not what you think

Flight tracker “conspiracy theorists” sent us down a rabbit hole last year that turned up government fibs until we finally got our hands on the infamous Barbados trip passenger manifest from December 2020.

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In December 2020, social media was rife with speculation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had jetted off to sunnier climes for a Christmas holiday he told others not to have.

Internet sleuths had uncovered a Challenger jet with call numbers registered to the federal government fleet was seen on flight plans headed to Barbados.

At the time, Rebel News tried to confirm who was on the plane and why. And the feds were not forthcoming, telling Rebel News there were no Challenger flights in the month of December, though an April 2021 order paper question revealed the defence minister was using a Challenger to head home to British Columbia on December 18, 2020.

Rebel News was able to confirm, through some creative Access to Information filings, that a government flight did head south over Christmas.

However, it was not our vacation-loving prime minister on that Challenger to Barbados.

The flight manifests we finally received from the Department of National Defence for the jet indicate the passengers were members of the Canadian Armed Forces on a training and research exercise, but the lack of transparency from the government prompted well-meaning people to fill in the blanks on their own.

And the DND bureaucrats seemed to want it that way.

In a series of email and text messages, these bureaucrats mocked people for speculating online about the use of the government plane, calling the social media users "conspiracy theorists" and shared pictures of tweets wherein curious Twitter users mused about who was using the government Challenger.

The government employees also planned in an email exchange that if someone, like us here at Rebel News, filed a request for documents about the Barbados trip, they would respond “NSTR” — as in “Nothing Significant To Report.”

To get information on this one flight took almost a year and several separate access filings after being blocked and misled for months. To support our access to information investigations, please visit, where you can contribute to our research fund.

See the documents yourself:

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