Calgary's Mayor Nenshi: “We have a lot to learn from Beijing”

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Days after a document was published showing Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has been a standing target of Chinese influence, a video resurfaced showing Nenshi proudly exclaiming to the head Communist official in Beijing, “We have a lot to learn from you.”

According to the Epoch Times, the communist issued document that listed Nenshi as a target for Chinese control was created as part of a plan to “cultivate talent.”

The Epoch Times quoted an expert as saying “The CCP is very good at disguising its operations,” hiding behind ideas such as “people-to-people exchanges” or “win-win cooperation and building economic linkages.”

“Mostly the elites themselves are duped by this strategy, because the CCP plays on their weaknesses,” the expert continued. "It appeals to their desires and their hopes.”

It doesn’t get more elitist than Naheed Nenshi.

The embarrassing video was recorded during a weeklong trip to the communist country, where Mayor Nenshi praised the planning prowess and mass transportation systems in the major metropolitan areas of China.

Nenshi also brought his media crew along for a trip to a Shanghai McDonalds in an apparent attempt to normalize the oppressive nation.

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