NEW “COVID-1984” bumpersticker: Send a message to the government!

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So, what do you get when you combine yet another global pandemic problem exported by communist China (a.k.a., the kind of “basic dictatorship” Justin Trudeau “admires”) plus a stripping away of constitutional rights in western democracies?

Well, you get “COVID-1984.”

That’s right. The despicable Wuhan virus continues to morph and mutate. And some elected leaders (hint: his initials are “J.T.) are taking advantage of the pandemic to pursue political agendas that are downright Orwellian in nature.

And so it is that citizens are having their basic rights stripped away by the so-called Pandemic Police in the guise of public safety. Sit on a park bench? That’ll be $880, please. Go for an inline skate in a deserted parking lot? That’ll be another $880, thank you very much. And so on and so forth.

Also, from the Department of Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste, check out those sneaky orders in council that have been passed of late by the Trudeau Liberals, the most insidious one surely being the Great Gun Grab, in which several legal firearms will soon be illegal firearms (and thousands of law-abiding gun owners will be deemed criminals if those firearms are not surrendered by a specified date.)

And then there is the sleazy way of shutting down debate by using a form of Newspeak — i.e., if you criticize Dr. Theresa Tam, well, you’re obviously a racist.

But you can make your feelings known with our new COVID-1984 bumper stickers, ranging in price from $5 to $7.

Send a message to Big Brother that you’re on to him!

Order your COVID-1984 stickers today by visiting the Rebel News Store!

Do it today before freedom of speech and expression are further curtailed in the name of fighting the Wuhan virus...

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