Notley shames beach-going “COVIDiots” — minutes after praising huge NDP rally!

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Alberta's former premier Rachel Notley is scolding central Albertan sun-seekers. Evidently, it's only safe to be outside in large groups if you vote NDP.

Notley, leader of the provincial New Democrats, only allowed a 15 minute break between praising a left wing rally organized against Jason Kenney's government and shaming the “COVIDiots” who visited Sylvan Lake this weekend.

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While normal Albertans were being told we can’t bury our dead and honor their lives, visit our grandparents, have birthday parties, go to our churches and worship our God, hold weddings, Notley’s people were at rallies attended by thousands.

No scolding happened then. In fact, these rallies were signal boosted by the NDP and Notley herself.

Last month’s Black Lives Matter rally in Edmonton, attended by police estimated 15,000 people? NDP MLA David Sheppard was a keynote speaker at it.

And the Antifa rally that converged on small-town Innisfail Alberta that my colleague Keean Bexte covered? Well, it was signal boosted by Notley too.

Are we still to believe these lockdowns are about health and not control? Even the people who want to control your lives don’t think that anymore and they aren’t even bothering to try to hide it.

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