Alberta separatist sentiment demands open debate

November 13, 2019

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Albertans can't stop talking about separation.

We want to talk about what a new deal looks like for us and what sort of future we are going to choose for ourselves, finally.

And there are a lot of ideas on the table right now.

Are we just renegotiating equalization and creation our own pension plan? Are we leaving the confederation? And if so, are we joining the States in some way, or are we staying our own independent country?

There are a lot of questions needed answers about Alberta's fate and our relationship with Canada. But if our self-appointed moral and intellectual superiors had their way, we wouldn't even be allowed to ask the questions, let alone get resolutions.

However, the Eastern scolding and elitist tut-tutting isn’t stopping my guest tonight from daring to have these discussions, and he’s doing it in a big way.

Danny Hozack is the chairman of the Economic Education Association of Alberta and this weekend he's hosting his 7th annual Freedom Talk conference. The 2-day event is in Red Deer, and the topic is “Meeting The Unity Challenge.”

Danny joins me tonight to discuss why he is bringing a few hundred federalists and separatists together in central Alberta.

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  • By David Menzies

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